Make Money

Make money walking dogs

Whether you are looking to make some extra cash or a full-time salary, walking dogs can be a great way to make money.

Having a dog is a big reasonability in many ways, but the one that probably takes up more time from dog-owners is having take their four-legged-friends out for a walk 3-4 times a day. Specially if you live in an apartment, you’ll have to take your dog out at least 3 times a days so they can do their business, that is 3 times a day when the sun shines, rain pours or there is snow up to your ankles.

So, as much as dog owners love their pets is only natural that they can sometimes seek some outside help to cover some shifts.

Walking dogs has recently gained popularity in the US thanks to apps like Rover or Wag which make it easier for dog owners and dog walkers to meet, but it has actually been around for a very long time. In cities like Buenos Aires seeing a professional dog walker walking 7-8 dogs at once has caught the eye of tourists for decades.

How much money can you make walking dogs?

If you are just looking for a side hustle you can expect to make around $15 per 30min walk in big cities. Professional dog walkers on the other hand can see that number raise to double or more depending on their skills and what they can teach the dog.

Where to find dogs to walk

Finding a dog, or several, to walk is obviously the first step. Apps like Rover or Wag can be a great place to find dog owners looking for dog walkers, but you can also start closer to you the same way people did this before the app-era.

If you live in a large building there is probably a board of some kind in the laundry room or lobby with announcements. Put together a quick flyer with you phone on it and pin it up. Keep it personal, say something like “I live in 14-C, you dog already loves me when he sees me in the lobby and I would love to walk him”. Keep in mind a dog is like a kid, and so trust is a big part of choosing a dog walker. I would rather have Jenny from two floors up walk my dog than a complete stranger.

If you live in a smaller building but still in a big city chances are there is a similar board in the cafes around the neighborhood. Adapt your flyer accordingly and pin it up there too.

Don’t just walk dogs

Walking a dog doesn’t necessarily need to take up time from your other activities. If you need to run some errands nearby, take the dog with you! Or if you do sport take him for a run with you, the dog will love it, the owners will be so happy to see the dog tired by the end of the day and you will have done your cardio for the day with wonderful company and while getting paid.

Add more value to make more money

Once you’ve built trust with a certain dog and dog owner you can start adding more value to the time you spend with the dog in order to make more money. You could give the dog a bath every other week, take him to the vet or even keep him overnight if their owners go away for a weekend.

I can’t stress enough how important trust is here. A lot of people will not consider doing certain things because they have a dog to take care of, but if they can trust you with their pet and that opens the door to nights out, weekends away, etc. they’ll have no problem in spending good money to be able to do that knowing their dog is not sleeping in a cage in some dog-hotel but watching TV on the couch with you in the same building and going to the same park he usually goes to play with other dogs.